International Summer Academy

Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg

and Michael Chekhov Europe Training present: 



July 14-20, 2023 in Hamburg, Germany

hosted by Ulrich Meyer-Horsch


 Michael Chekhov Acting Technique meets: 

Story telling

Clowning (Europe and South Asia) 

Traditional Kudiyattam theatre (Kerala, India) 

Suzuki movement training (Japan) 

Physical theatre with masks 

Intercultural theatre in Singapore, India, East Asia and Europe



Suzana Nikolic, MCE & StudioChekhov Croatia, Zagreb 

Ramith Ramesh, GITAM University Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Prajith PrasadTrivandrum, Kerala, India 

Kim Chen, Taipei Theatre Lab, Taiwan

Jan Oberndorff, Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg (SfSH) 

Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, SfSH and Michael Chekhov Europe (MCE)



This annual intercultural encounter brings performance and training approaches from different backgrounds and continents into a practical exchange. You will intensively study the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, and at the same time you will be in dialogue with other artistic traditions and performance techniques from around the globe. Our guiding topic is: THE AUDIENCE. It will open new perspectives on Acting, Movement, Characterization, Relationships, Style, Body & Space.

There will be different workshop tracks in the morning and afternoon, followed by showcases, events and open classes in the evening. The daily training sessions can be combined so you will get a sense of each of the offered forms. The Summer Academy 2023 includes Michael Chekhov Europe’s Training module 5: ”Communion with the Audience”. 




Clowning is probably the purest form of acting and storytelling. We all have stories. How do we share these stories? How do we find those ecstatic moments in which we laugh out loud up to the point where we hardly can live anymore? Some people write, some dance, some act. The clown plays. 

The clown plays and acts innocently and curiously. The clown experiences the world like a wondering child. Even in moments of fiasco he/she stands up and tries again. 

In this track we will learn to follow our first impulse and explore the excitement in improvisation. We will experience funny bones, funny speech and funny story telling. And we will research the complicité between clown and audience. 


KUDIYATTAM – traditional Sanskrit theatre from India 

This track offers an opportunity to access the secrets of Kudiyattam, one of the oldest living theatre traditions which is more than 2000 years old, through a unique method for modern actors. 

Emphasizing the principles of training and the basic performing techniques, we will approach all the key elements of Kudiyattam. After an introduction on general aspects of Sanskrit theatre, participants will start to get acquainted with the basis of the training process such as animal characterization, eye movement, facial movements, moreover physical movements to communicate a story. 

The main features of the performing system of Kudiyattam will be addressed, such as the language of mudras, the concepts of rasa and bhava, the use of the voice, or the primary importance and function of music, make up and costumes. 


COMMUNION WITH THE AUDIENCE (Michael Chekhov Technique) 

Whatever we create on stage, we are creating not for ourselves but for others: for the audience. We want to give. “What is it that we in the theatre give? Instead of images on canvas or in the form of statuary or music, we give our body, voice, feelings, will, imagination – we give a form of pulsating art to life itself.” (M. Chekhov)

When you create a production or a piece – what are your intentions and aims? What are the needs of your audience? What can you give them? Do you enjoy sharing? 

We will explore these questions through improvisation and physical action on the floor. The psycho-physical training will focus on tools like radiating and receiving, listening, objectives, generosity, complicité and ensemble. 



In the evenings, there will be offerings of open classes, performances and special events including a sharing on intercultural theatre in India, East Asia, Singapore and Europe. A full schedule of events will be released a few weeks before the summer academy begins. 



July 14-20, 2023 



€ 580,-- (payment before June 5, 2023)

€ 640,-- (payment after June 5, 2023) 

 Discount for graduates of the SfSH: ChekhovSummerSfSH2023


Participants from non-EU countries may apply for a discount (only limited number. Please contact: 

Housing and food are not included. If you need help in finding inexpensive accommodation, please contact 



Fri 14: 5pm-8pm

Sat 15, Sun 16: 10am-5pm

Mon 17: 10am-1pm

Tue 18, Wed 19, Thu 20: 10am-5pm

Evening events TBA



English / On stage, participants may act in their own language. 

We expect you to show a professional working attitude during the workshop. 




discount for SfSH graduates (100 €) with the code ChekhovSummerSfSH2023

580,00 €


Tuition fee:

€ 580,-- (payment before June 5, 2023)

€ 640,-- (payment after June 5, 2023) 


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During the workshop we expect you to show a professional working attitude / Working language: English / on stage, participants may act in their own language

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