Study the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique in our part time programme MICHAEL CHEKHOV INTERNATIONAL TRAINING. It follows the renowned curriculum of Michael Chekhov Europe Training and covers the whole technique in six weekly modules and one individual project.

Enter at any time and with any module! You can also take just individual workshops. Come to the workshop of your choice!

MICHAEL CHEKHOV EUROPE TRAINING is taught by an international faculty of master teachers. The programme has been created by Ulrich Meyer-Horsch (SfSH), Suzana Nikolic (Zagreb), and Jesper Michelsen (Copenhagen).

Working language is English. On stage, participants may act in their own language.

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October 3-6, 2024:

Faculty: Slagana Vujosevik (Skopje, North Macedonia), Olivia Rüdinger (Cologne, Germany), Ulrich Meyer-Horsch (SfSH, Germany)

January 30 - February 2, 2025:

Faculty to be announced

July 20-26, 2025

Faculty to be announced

„The basic necessary ingredients of the artistic process:
1. you need something to say;
2. you need technique; and
3. you need passion.” (Anne Bogart)

With this programme we want to encourage you to experience the benefits of the Michael Chekhov Technique for your own work. Therefore participants are asked to develop an individual project in their own working field. It will be supervised by one of the teachers.

Crossing the threshold · My own Voice · Intention · Technique and Passion · Structure · Sense of Truth · Exchange between the arts

Dates and supervision to be arranged on individual base

For more information contact chekhov@sfsh.de

A nephew of playwright Anton Chekhov, Michael Chekhov (1891-1955) was widely recognized as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. He had a great talent for characterization and was a keen observer of the creative process.
At the Moscow Art Theatre the collaboration between K.Stanislavsky, E.Vachtangov, V.Meyerhold and Michael Chekhov led to a theatre that was bold, expressive and imaginative. In their work they searched for objective principles that would lead to inspired acting. This investigation led Chekhov to develop his own psycho-physical acting technique, incorporating body and imagination.
After leaving Russia in 1928 Chekhov spent eleven years in Europe - acting, directing and teaching. He worked with Max Reinhardt in Berlin and Vienna, founded his own company in Paris and directed for the theatres in Riga and the Baltic countries. In 1936 he opened the Chekhov Theatre Studio in Dartington Hall, England.
In 1939 he moved to the United States, where he taught in both New York and Hollywood.

“As Michael Chekhov’s pupil, I learned more than acting. Every time he spoke, the world seemed to become bigger and more exciting. Acting became an art that increased your life and mind.” - Marilyn Monroe

As an accurate observer of the actor’s creative process, Michael Chekhov investigated the interplay between psyche and body, between ‘intangible and tangible’. He found simple and clear tools for the actor, based on the powers of Concentration and Imagination, the Psychological Gesture, the Imaginary Center and Atmosphere. Applied in practice, these techniques enable the actor to discover his/her character in a relatively short period of time. They open doors to the artist’s creative individuality.

Our TRAINING PROGRAMME covers the whole Chekhov Technique in six modules and one individual project. The full programme can be achieved within two years. It is possible to enter at any module. You can also take individual workshops. Feel free to come to the workshop of your choice!

Michael Chekhov Europe e.V. was founded as a non-profit organization in 2008. SfSH’s artistic director Ulrich Meyer-Horsch was one of the driving forces. The organization offers a space for actors training and research in an international and intercultural setting. We want to disclose what the Chekhov Acting Technique can contribute to theatre, film and art in the 21st century. MCE honourable president is Joanna Merlin, Chekhov’s former student and president of the International Michael Chekhov Association MICHA in New York.
MCE’s educational programme MICHAEL CHEKHOV EUROPE TRAINING was created by Ulrich Meyer-Horsch (SfSH), Suzana Nikolic (StudioChekhov Croatia), and Jesper Michelsen (Glad Theater Copenhagen). Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg (Germany) and StudioChekhov Croatia, Zagreb, have become the programme’s home bases.

Apart from our programme in Hamburg and Zagreb, MICHAEL CHEKHOV EUROPE TRAINING has facilitated workshops in many countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, North Macedonia, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, United Arabic Emirates, Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Israel.
We also collaborate with studios and theatres in the US, Brasil, Uruguay, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.
Artists from more than 40 countries have studied with us at SfSH in Hamburg.



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