More Creativity is impossible: From the living room to the stage! So let's go!

The passion burns in you? You don't live in Hamburg, want to audition directly or prefer an online appointment?


1. Step: Send us the following to

  • Video 1 > Introduce yourself briefly - approx. 1-2 Minuten
  • Video 2 > Modern Monologue
  • Video 3 > Classical Monologue
  • CV as PDF

Video requirements: Landscape format, no editing within the videos, feel free to film with your mobile phone

Step 2: After viewing the videos, we will contact you for an online interview. In this meeting, we may work briefly on one of the monologues (approx. 10 minutes), after which you will receive direct feedback.

In the best case, the feedback means a training position!

As an alternative to the audition, participation in the orientation courseor the prepartory semester offers a chance to begin the training at our drama school. At the end of these courses there is also a detailed feedback from the lecturers. If you successfully complete the course, you will be admitted to the training program without further audition.

ONLINE AUDITION- possible at any time

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