Introductory training with an information talk - Preparatory semester

The preparatory semester is a well-founded technical preparation for the acting training and can be your gateway to the training! The aim of this course is to acquire a sound basic knowledge of acting. It gives you optimal starting conditions to start your acting training or to take the next audition. If the feedback is positive, you can also start your acting training at the SfSH without an audition. Under the guidance of professional teachers, your possibilities of expression will be trained and expanded. In process-oriented work you learn to develop your strong points, overcome weaknesses and meet the challenges of an acting education. The course introduces you to role work and scene study. Classes focus on stage presence, expression, improvisation and imagination. In the preparatory semester you can expand your skills and prepare for the training step by step. The preparatory semester at the Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg will leave you enough time to pursue ongoing university studies or a job.



Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg
Oelkersallee 29a
22769 Hamburg

Hotel Tipps

Find out what to expect during the 3 months of the preparatory semester and what courses will be taught. Meet the teachers and get to ask your questions.
  • Sat 12 am - 2 pm
You must attend an introductory training with a general information talk or have a personal conversation with us beforehand.
  • Speech technique
  • Acting training/technique
  • Improvisation
  • Imagination work
  • Dance
  • Film seminar

Your chance: start training without an audition!

We will help you make the right decision. At the end of the course you will receive detailed feedback from the teachers. A training recommendation replaces the entrance audition and could be the first step towards your acting training.